ProPour & Scott Serfas

Propour recently had the chance to catch up and chat with Scott Serfas at Red Bull Crashed Ice in Edmonton – an event we took part in this winter in association with Hangman Productions. Serfas is an incredible photographer and all-around great dude who we first met last September when Red Bull commissioned him to shoot for Red Bull Last Resort Aspotogan. We reminisced about his positive experience in Nova Scotia and the awesome work he captured on the project.

Propour was stoked to have another chance to see him do his thing at Crashed Ice Edmonton. Seeing him stacked with all his photography gear, sneaking in and around the 70,000 people at the event and then seeing what shots he captured posted on Red Bull Crashed Ice Instagam was epic. His ability to capture movement and light is pure magic.

Enjoy some of Scott Serfas work below, and be sure to visit his website and Instagram @scottserfas




last-resort-aspotogan-scott-serfas©Scott Serfas ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Up next: A recap from Propour in Edmonton for Red Bull Crashed Ice. Stay tuned!