Looking back at 2014

2014 was an exciting year for Propour Concrete Services.  Our passion for concrete and action sports collide in the specialized world of Skateboard park construction.  All of our personnel are well versed in all aspects of the skatepark construction process.  To start the season,  We picked up our first Municipal contract in Fall River Nova Scotia performing some Skatepark repair work in Late May.  The repair work was appreciated by locals who were happy to see some of the chips, cracks and joints filled in and smoothed out by our meticulous crew.

Our second Municipal project was the Hubbards NS skateboard park.  We teamed up with Ocean Contractors to bid on the project in the fall of 2013.  We were successful in qualifying and winning the tender and began work in Mid June of 2014.  This was a fun little project where we had veteran park builders Nick Upham, Tate Baker and Brent Remley leading the charge.  Within 6 weeks of Propour landing on the site, the park was open for business.  Although small this fun little Spectrum Designed park was well received by community and an exciting addition to the Hubbards Recreation Centers existing facilities.  The Skatepark Community group is hoping to raise the remaining funding needed to complete the phase 2 bowl.

Hubbards NS skateboard park   Hubbards NS skateboard park

After Hubbards we had a bit of a lull in Skatepark construction work.  After a few weeks of general concrete work in the HRM region and Propour Concrete Services was awarded a small skatepark project in Lunenburg NS.  The team was eager to hone their skills on yet another maritime skate spot.  Within 4 weeks the crew of Nick, Brent, Tate and newly acquired team member Kean Fougere built the park in the quality fashion we are known for.  The park has is a welcome addition to the local skate and bike community and has recently been shoveled out and is dry and ready to rip!

Skatepark project in Lunenburg NS

During the Spring of 2014 a Production Company commissioned by Red Bull to produce a film at the abandoned Sea Spa in Aspotogan approached Propour Concrete Services about building a concrete bowl in an unfinished foundation next to the ocean and spa.  Propour was excited to take on the task, and coming off of a skatepark built in Lunenburg, the crew was poised to build a masterpiece on the edge of the Atlantic to be shredded by the likes of Ryan Decenzo, Nate Lacoste, TJ Rogers and Cody Lockwood.  After owner Steve Hare spent 2 days with local excavation crew Moving your earth Construction preparing the site, the crew rolled in to build the bowl in an astonishing 5 day window.  The bowl complete with steel and concrete coping, a doorway leading up a natural granite set of steps and a love seat/vert wall was beyond the expectations of the production crew.  The bowl served as the evening cool down session after a long day of filming in the spa where the skate cast could grab some epic sunset footage and photos.  The Propour Crew also helped pour any concrete within the building and aided the production company and Zenga Bros with local logistics.   We supplied tools labour and concrete to create ramps, rails and spots throughout the spa as seen in the 13 minute Video.

Last Resort Aspotogan Bowl   Last Resort Aspotogan Bowl

As the Last Resort Aspotogan was wrapping up, Propour was approached by American, Hardcore Skateparks about a sub contract job in Aurora Ontario.  The crew was quick to jump at the opportunity.  We quickly packed our tools and sent the boys on their way.  The schedule was tight at just 4 weeks to form and pour the park, but the crew was up for the challenge.  Newly added young gun Dylan Warren from Summerside PEI was ready to jump on board the Propour train and turned out to be a natural.  The crew astonished the General contractor with their hard work and quality workmanship.  Nice work boys!

Skatepark Aurora Ontario

Propour Concrete Services can’t wait to get on the ground in 2015.  It was a long snowy winter, but it finally seems to be melting and the ground will be ready for concrete soon enough.  Thanks to the towns who trusted us to build their parks in 2014.  If your town is developing a skateboard park, we would love to hear from you.  We’d be happy to help you create your town’s own concrete skatepark dreams.  Please visit our contact page.