A look at what we’ve been up to!

Propour Concrete Services has been busy during the month of May and is hard at work finishing up work for June and booking jobs for July.

Our first Pool Bottom pour. The team performed very well for never attempting one of these pours. Thanks to Sparkling Pools and Spas for the call for help!

Propour poured its first stamped pool deck early in May and it turned out great! A ashlar slate pattern with Sierra Integral concrete from Quality Concrete in Dartmouth. It was then Antiqued and sealed to make the colour and antiquing pop.

Things were slow to start at the skatepark so we formed and poured a 40X32 foot garage slab for a friend in the meantime.

We had planned to pour some larger flat sections thursday June 5th but rain in the forecast forced us to scale back the pour. A two man crew placed and finished the flatwork with the help from Ocean Concrete’s Smooth Pump Operator Dave.

We had planned to shoot a panel on day two of Shotcrete but were advised by the engineering consultant that we needed to insulate it before placing concrete. We put off pouring for 2 days and had this done the following afternoon.