Dartmouth Skatepark Coalition

The Propour Team has had a busy summer working on a number of concrete projects.  One in particular which we are truly showing the power and legitimacy of the team is our current project in Dartmouth Nova Scotia.  In part with Ocean Contractors Ltd. Propour Concrete Services is building the deepest bowl east of Toronto and the first of world renowned Grindline Skateparks Designs in Canada east of Delta British Columbia.

Propour Concrete Shotcrete Dartmouth Skatepark

We have had 8 days of shotcrete in the past 2 weeks and have completed the deep bowl shell and will be completing the shallow bowl shell next week.  We will be installing Tedder Stone Pool Coping and adding a few more features surrounding the two separate bowls before pouring the decks and flat bottoms.

Bowl overview from the shallow end.

We are currently looking at a late October completion date.

Thanks to the Dartmouth Skatepark Coalition for giving us the opportunity to build their dream, HRM for supporting the Coalition and the team of Grindline Skateparks and Ocean Contractors Ltd for believing in us and helping make this project a reality.

Visit Dartmouth Skatepark Coalitions Facebook page for updated information.