Aspotogan Last Resort: Before

Recently I found a video of the pump house foundation at the Aspotogan Sea Spa which we later retrofitted into a skate able bowl for the production of Red Bull’s Last Resort Aspotogan.



The Production crew had originally wanted us to include a fire pit in the middle of the bowl as a feature, but as we began building the bowl we found that it would have been too tight to include.  We kept the design simple and feel that it worked well in the end.  This bowl made for some impressive scenes as professional skaters ripped it during evening sessions as the sun went down and the fire blazed.


Cody Lockwood - Tailgrab © Scott Serfas
Cody Lockwood launches a stalefish air in the bowl as the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean at Red Bull’s Last Resort just outside of Halifax, Canada on September 16th, 2014. Cody Lockwood – Tailgrab © Scott Serfas


A friendly reminder to all riders. The bowl as well as the entire spa complex has since been demolished.