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My interest in ramps, jumps, rails and bowls started at a young age. As an early teen I took to skateboarding. Unfortunately living in a rural region, the number of smooth skateable surfaces were few and far in between. I had always ridden bikes, but at age 14 I found BMX which was a much more all terrain outlet in my rural Nova Scotian surroundings. As my riding progressed, I traveled to various parts of the province where there were ramps. I loved to go fast and catch as much air as possible.

At the age of 20 I had gotten bored with the local terrain and set my sights on the concrete parks of the west coast. After three years living in BC and Alberta and enjoying the concrete that they had at the time it baffled me that the east coast of Canada did not have similar facilities.

I continued traveling to enjoy professionally designed and built skateparks and ended up in Athens Georgia. Grindline, a leading US skatepark contractor was in town and I ended up volunteering my labour for two months in exchange for learning a bit about the trade.

My obsession with concrete has grown ever since then and I have worked on 30+ skatepark projects for various different company’s in the Maritimes, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. I have trained a number of people in the trade and feel I am one of the most qualified concrete skatepark builders in eastern Canada.

My new venture Propour Concrete would love to work with your community to make your dream skatepark become a reality.

Steve Hare


Owner / Project Manager, Propour Concrete Services Inc.


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